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Professor Amanda Broderick, Vice-Chancellor & President, University of East London (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the next steps in supporting robust scrutiny which supports change whilst meeting the standards of the Higher Education Code of Governance
  • Ensuring governing boards meet OfS requirements for oversight of academic standards
  • Evaluating the role of governing bodies in tackling challenges around transparency on senior staff remuneration through the HE Senior Staff Remuneration Code
  • Understanding key insights in how governing boards can effectively monitor institutional performance, manage risk and support sustainability
  • Enhancing governance structures and processes to ensure due diligence and regulatory compliance

Chris Sayers, Chair, Committee of University Chairs (CONFIRMED)

  • Analysing how higher education leaders can ensure they match the standards of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education
  • Assessing the latest steps being taken to protect the value of UK degrees and ensure consistency and reliability in degree classifications
  • Exploring the work of the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment in supporting consistent co-regulation across the UK
  • Examining the latest QAA updates in the review of quality and standards on decisions for degree awarding powers

Douglas Blackstock, Chief Executive, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) (CONFIRMED)

Drawing on insights from the board diversification project, and from Advance HE’s experience supporting good governance, this session will consider:

  • The available data on the current diversity of governing boards in HE
  • The value of diversity on the board: the relationship between diversity and good governance
  • Strategies to support institutions to identify and secure a diverse pool of candidates for governor vacancies
  • How inclusive cultures can support good governance and further increase the diversity of the board
  • The actions individuals can take to move the dial on boardroom diversity

Jenny Tester, Head of Business Development, Advance HE (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring what makes an effective governing body able to support high quality scrutiny
  • Harnessing the skills and expertise of governing members to meet regulatory and operational responsibilities
  • Assessing how a governing body can work successfully with leadership to set and deliver on a strategic direction
  • Discussing the next steps for governors in evolving to meet new challenges and regulatory expectations of the OfS

Dr Philippa Lloyd, Vice-Principal (Policy and Strategic Partnerships), Principal's Nominee to Council, Queen Mary, University of London (CONFIRMED)
Joe Docherty, Chair of the Council, Durham University (CONFIRMED)
Pamela Chesters CBE, Chair of the Council, University of Bath (CONFIRMED)
Sharon Tuersley, Secretary to Council, University of Warwick (CONFIRMED)

  • Analysing the core principles and attributes of sustainability leadership
  • Exploring ways in which higher education institutions can mitigate risk and improve resilience by aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Assessing key models and actions being adopted by sustainability leaders across higher education
  • Embedding sustainability into an institutional culture and core decision-making processes

Professor Janet Haddock-Fraser, Professor of Sustainability and Leadership, Manchester Metropolitan University, Chair of Trustees, EAUC (CONFIRMED)

  • Designing the consultation for a new organisational strategy after facing declining performance and an evolving landscape in the support of academic excellence
  • Developing a new university vision and set of priorities following an extensive engagement process and strategic analysis of the university’s performance
  • Realigning the ambitions and operations across the institution to transform Sheffield Hallam into the world’s leading applied university with a focus on social mobility and skills
  • Assessing the outcomes of the strategic transformation with rapid improvements in student satisfaction and the number of students entering high skilled employment
  • Sharing insights into how strategic planning and analysis can form the basis for organisational change

Linda Mason, Director of Strategy, Planning and Insight, Sheffield Hallam University (CONFIRMED)

*Programme Subject to Change

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